miércoles, 12 de febrero de 2014

Physical Education Yoga Teaching Unit.

I let you with my physical education Yoga teaching sequence.

As you can all remember there were some confusions the day of my exposition, I will make you a summary with the main features so that you can understand it better.

The sequence unit tries to go through some different aspect from the yoga activity, Mandalas, Breathing, some Yoga posts and Relaxing.

In the first lesson I will divide the whole group in three different smaller ones. I have created a gymkhana with three different paths, in a cooperative way with some instructions, through and at the end of those paths the little child groups will learn the different yoga aspects.

My idea is that, in the second, third and fourth lesson, those groups, sequentially one each time, will become the teacher of the other children with my guidance and help, so what they learned in the first lesson will be used to teach their classmates in the next classes. ;) I hope, this will help you.

lunes, 20 de enero de 2014

My first Didactic Sequence, Arts, Pop-up books!

Hi boys and girls, How is everything going? Do you remember our first Didactic Sequence with Fernando? For sure now are much better! Here I leave you with mine, as you remember from my catastrophic presentation, it was about creating a Pop-up book.

My idea was to use a cooperative method, not only in my own classroom, but also with other grades, as my children were going to learn how to make a pop up book from the explanation of older students. At the same time once they had learned it, they would do the same with younger students.

Hope you will enjoy it! Click into the image to see my Prezi presentation!


miércoles, 8 de enero de 2014

Schools kill creativity.

Take a look,I love it!!!!!Much true in this video conference.

jueves, 26 de diciembre de 2013

New Apps!

Thanks to Fernando Trujillo ;), I have discovered an App which name is Zite and which I think it’s great. It consists in a space for your phone, where you can choose your favorite topics and then you will have able several articles and news about that information you have chosen, so you can create your own magazine. Fantastic! Don´t you think?


Taking a look to this wonderful app, One of the topics that appeared and that I have chosen was Psychology, I love all psychology stuff, so I started reading and then, there it was, Happify!

Hapiffy has been created by psychologists and neuroscientists, using different kind of researches and studies. It's an interactive game where you can focus yourself in positive feelings and mindfulness. I think it´s a great idea, in the way that I think now days all of us live in such a mess, always going fast living stressful lives. Anyway it's true, it depends on the individual case of each one, but some people do not have enough time to calm down and take things easier and are always in a bad mood or simply don´t smile.

Happify can be the first step to the path of good feelings because each day gives you wonderful ideas about how can you feel better if you need it, or how to disconnect of stressful situations. The best part of Happify is that is not as another kind of self help tools, it´s more like a game like other simple game, where you can reach some scores, so each time you go for some relaxing ideas, good action, breathing or whatever you will have more scores and then go on through the levels, How does happify proves that? You have to write down your feelings so.... That's it! Easy! Don´t worry be happy and smile ;)


lunes, 23 de diciembre de 2013

The mention is ok but what's there beyond?

Until I had clear my mind enough to know which were my favorite interests and which knowledges were those which I love most, much things happened, inasmuch I always had wanted to become a psychology and not an English teacher, so I have to say that for me thinking about the future is not easy at all.

Anyway I had loved each experience with children I had so far. Being a teacher, it´s a function which I felt very comfortable with, I have been years working with children in different activities and I have had lots of fun and great moments with them, which besides I think is one of the most important things.

Being an infant and primary education teacher has many things to do with psychology and that´s the best part I love about being a teacher, taking into account that pupils are not much than little persons with each different personality, full of different emotions and feelings as you and me as well.

In relation to the future, first of all my main goal it´s finishing my English teacher degree and continuing making free subjects of psychology  through the UNED as now.

About making the official exams and becoming a serving civil, I don´t think I will take that path, I had always thought that had nothing to do with me, first because I always thought about working in an international school, as one of my big dreams, and second because now days public school in Spain are not one of my best options.

Anyway I know I´m a dreamer and possibilities are not that easy. I have to work hard and move on to get my goal.

Going back to real life what I think I will do it´s trying hard to work wherever as an English teacher and at the same time going on with some more studies as psychology, ICT or infant yoga, until I have experience enough to try in private or international schools here in Spain or abroad.

We´ll see what happens ;)
How can a blog help me as an English teacher?

That’s a great question, until two months ago I had just heard the word “Blog” as something that seemed to me to be “Very freak".

Now I know is just one more social network as much others which you can use to communicate yourself, with others or share some opinions, likes or thoughts.

Before starting my degree 5 years ago, internet use to be for me a big word which made me afraid and uncomfortable and which I thought had nothing to do with me.
As I wasn’t very interested in new technologies I never had  tried to experiment or learn anything in relation with that before, until the day I started to look for some information in any websites, download some lovely songs and talking with some friends through a chat or some social network like Facebook... then I couldn`t stop anymore...

I think, as everyone knows, that things are going fast in relation with new technologies and all of us should make sure to learn at least some basic ones, just as useful sources to acquire new knowledge´s, information to learn, share and make life plenty as much.

In this way social networks are useful for us as teachers, in the sense that makes possible contact with pupils every single time they need our help and do not limit the interaction teach-learn to just one specific timetable and place. It also makes possible connecting with other English teachers as well.

Finally I have to say I´m glad to have learned how to manage my laptop, so far I could have made this blog and in the future I hope to have much more knowledge so that I can make great interactive activities through the website, where my English pupils can participate, give me their opinion and share lovely learning experience.
How can music help me as a learner of English?

First of all, I have to say that since I´m studying my English teaching degree, now something its difference in my ears and mind, something has changed, now I can be able to hear each single word in English!!!!!, even those which I couldn't before or I didn't focus so much. What I mean is that some songs I loved before and just could hum the melody or dance without understanding so much, or just some short pieces of sentences, now are full of new wonderful words I can grasp, give more sense to the song, or make me love it much more than before. Sometimes in other occasions I use to to look for the lyrics and then sing it one an another time, but then I lose my mind and forget every word and again return to just humming it  :).

What I mean with all this previous speech is, that if you love music, which is my case, and, How not yours? You can enjoy and learn more each time, if you make that experience more useful trying to pay attention to which words you had comprehended and which others not. In conclusion I think each activity which includes motivation, creativity and energy its great for learning anything, and music is one of those terrific things!!!