jueves, 26 de diciembre de 2013

New Apps!

Thanks to Fernando Trujillo ;), I have discovered an App which name is Zite and which I think it’s great. It consists in a space for your phone, where you can choose your favorite topics and then you will have able several articles and news about that information you have chosen, so you can create your own magazine. Fantastic! Don´t you think?


Taking a look to this wonderful app, One of the topics that appeared and that I have chosen was Psychology, I love all psychology stuff, so I started reading and then, there it was, Happify!

Hapiffy has been created by psychologists and neuroscientists, using different kind of researches and studies. It's an interactive game where you can focus yourself in positive feelings and mindfulness. I think it´s a great idea, in the way that I think now days all of us live in such a mess, always going fast living stressful lives. Anyway it's true, it depends on the individual case of each one, but some people do not have enough time to calm down and take things easier and are always in a bad mood or simply don´t smile.

Happify can be the first step to the path of good feelings because each day gives you wonderful ideas about how can you feel better if you need it, or how to disconnect of stressful situations. The best part of Happify is that is not as another kind of self help tools, it´s more like a game like other simple game, where you can reach some scores, so each time you go for some relaxing ideas, good action, breathing or whatever you will have more scores and then go on through the levels, How does happify proves that? You have to write down your feelings so.... That's it! Easy! Don´t worry be happy and smile ;)


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