miércoles, 12 de febrero de 2014

Physical Education Yoga Teaching Unit.

I let you with my physical education Yoga teaching sequence.

As you can all remember there were some confusions the day of my exposition, I will make you a summary with the main features so that you can understand it better.

The sequence unit tries to go through some different aspect from the yoga activity, Mandalas, Breathing, some Yoga posts and Relaxing.

In the first lesson I will divide the whole group in three different smaller ones. I have created a gymkhana with three different paths, in a cooperative way with some instructions, through and at the end of those paths the little child groups will learn the different yoga aspects.

My idea is that, in the second, third and fourth lesson, those groups, sequentially one each time, will become the teacher of the other children with my guidance and help, so what they learned in the first lesson will be used to teach their classmates in the next classes. ;) I hope, this will help you.

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