lunes, 23 de diciembre de 2013

How can music help me as a learner of English?

First of all, I have to say that since I´m studying my English teaching degree, now something its difference in my ears and mind, something has changed, now I can be able to hear each single word in English!!!!!, even those which I couldn't before or I didn't focus so much. What I mean is that some songs I loved before and just could hum the melody or dance without understanding so much, or just some short pieces of sentences, now are full of new wonderful words I can grasp, give more sense to the song, or make me love it much more than before. Sometimes in other occasions I use to to look for the lyrics and then sing it one an another time, but then I lose my mind and forget every word and again return to just humming it  :).

What I mean with all this previous speech is, that if you love music, which is my case, and, How not yours? You can enjoy and learn more each time, if you make that experience more useful trying to pay attention to which words you had comprehended and which others not. In conclusion I think each activity which includes motivation, creativity and energy its great for learning anything, and music is one of those terrific things!!!

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